Homeopathy and Bioresonance Treatments

Please note that unless patients request only Homeopathic treatment it is assumed that a combination of testing and treatment programmes through the Rayonex PS1000 machine will be given supported by Homeopathic remedies.

2020 Prices

£60 per hour

Children & Students:
£50 per hour

Prices include VAT.
3 hours are required for first appointment for adults, as there is a lot to test and clear. Follow-up appointments are usually monthly for 2 to 3 hours, depending on the condition.

Basic testing with the Rayonex PS1000 includes:

Clearing blocked energy – pre-treatment programme.

Clearing of harmful electromagnetic pollution in the body from mobile phones,

Wireless internet frequencies, cordless phones, etc.

Clearing of Geopathic stress

Harmonising the ph balance of the blood

Clearing acupuncture meridians.

Testing balance of vital substances e.g. vitamins, minerals, trace elements & gut flora (probiotics)

Checking blood cells & function of the immune system.

Checking lymphatic drainage.

Checking organs of elimination.

Remainder of testing & balancing treatment includes testing body systems & organs as described by the patient.

It is also possible to check for the presence of bacteria, viruses & parasites.

Various treatment programmes can be followed using bio-resonance including allergy testing, sports injuries & fractures, IBS, care after operations to promote rapid healing, energy boosting for ME sufferers, hormonal balancing.

Please ask about specific treatments tailored to your needs.

N.B. While Mary recommends a whole-health approach it is advisable to consult your GP for all medical conditions.