Mary Bucher

Mary Bucher teaches and practises Homeopathy in North Yorkshire. She has a medical background with 15 years in general medical nursing and 8 years in specialised paediatric nursing & intensive care.

She qualified from the Yorkshire School of Homeopathy in 1998 and began practising in the market town of Malton. She became keenly interested in teaching homeopathy and went on to complete a Certificate in Education. She was Medical Science tutor at the Yorkshire School of Homeopathy for 2 years before becoming involved in teaching homeopathy in the public sector and privately.

Mary has a Diploma in Bio-regulatory medicine and uses a combination of bioresonance and Homeopathy. She has written and teaches a 4 year professional homeopathy course which is accredited through the Homeopathic Medical Association.  Mary has an interest in the whole-health approach to illness and uses a multi-level approach to healing.

As well as using Homeopathic remedies, Mary may recommend dietary or lifestyle changes, nutritional support, the use of herbs to assist organ drainage, tissue salts to improve metabolic processes and flower essences to support the mind and emotions.

Homeopathy has been shown to be effective in the treatment of:

  1. BulletAllergies

  2. BulletSkin Conditions

  3. BulletEmotional Problems

  4. BulletPre-menstrual Tension

  5. BulletMenstrual Disorders

  6. BulletMenopausal Changes

  7. BulletStress Related Illnesses

  8. BulletChildren’s Diseases

  9. BulletAsthma

  10. BulletChronic Fatigue Syndrome

  11. BulletArthritis

  12. BulletIrritable Bowel Syndrome

  13. BulletRecovery from Accidents and Surgical Procedures

…. And many other conditions…

Homeopathy is a non-toxic, scientifically based form of medicine which is effective against chronic and acute illness. Homeopathic medicines apply the laws of nature to stimulate our own healing energies. Because homeopathy treats the whole person, one’s general health improves as a result of the treatment. Homeopathy improves the vitality, emotional, mental and physical health of the person taking it. It works from the inside out, getting rid of symptoms of ill health instead of suppressing them or driving them further in.

What the mind suppresses the body expresses!

Our bodies react to life by putting on layers of disease similar to the layers of an onion. The number of ‘layers’ we have depends upon how far back our disease began; what inherited influences there are and what life has done to us along the way. Cure takes place by peeling off each layer until we get back to good health. There are no ‘quick fixes’ to long term true healing – just as crash diets only have short term effects and changing dietary habits has long term beneficial effects, so it is with homeopathic treatment.

Your biography becomes your biology….

Homeopathy starts off a process of helping the body get back to better health. It is a different journey for everyone.

Some conditions take longer than others to resolve but most people feel better from the start of the treatment onwards.

For information on clinics,  basic courses or to book a consultation, ring or text Mary
Clinic Landline: 01653 690 226
Mobile: 07961 928 590

Homeopathy ……gentle ………effective……


Mary Bucher  S.R.N.   R.S.C.N.  Dip. Hom. York,   M.H.M.A,  Cert Ed.

Practitioner and teacher of Homeopathy