Welcome to the North Yorkshire Centre for Homeopathy and Bioregulatory Medicine


Our centre is located in the beautiful market town of Malton North Yorkshire. We provide treatment that can help with many health conditions. We specialise in Homeopathy and Bioenergetic treatment using bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt. We can also offer energy health checks and testing for food intolerances.

We believe in an individual, holistic, multi level approach where client involvement in their own healing is essential.

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A hug is part of the therapy!

Mary Bucher Founder of BioReg in Malton

2016 Updates


An update to the PS1000 was added last year called the Rayoscan.

This performs a hands-free test of the body using the heart conductivity as carrier waves.

The patient has chest leads attached and the heart rhythm shows on the screen, similar to an ECG. Simultaneously the machine tests frequencies from 0.0 to 100 htz in 0.5 incremental frequencies to 'scan' the body. These are then arranged in order of greatest disturbance; thus highlighting the problem areas of the body. The machine can then be set to harmonise, for example, the top 20 frequencies (disturbances)

I do not use this test routinely so please request it if you would like to have a full body 'screening'

The PS1000 with Rayoscan was certified and registered as a Class 2 medical device in Europe last year.

New Treatment Room

The practise is growing and as I am now booked up 3 months in advance, I have acquired an extra treatment room, machine and assistant! Helen is a qualified Homeopath. One of my former students she has already completed 5 years training with me in Homeopathy. I am mentoring her training in bioregulatory medicine and she is treating patients under my supervision.

And last but not least , the lovely Fiona has left and been replaced by the lovely Danielle, my receptionist and personal assistant.

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