Mary Bucher School of Homeopathy



Training for Rayonex PS1000 Users and Practitioners

Hourly Rate £60 including VAT

A £100 non-refundable deposit is required on booking.

Make cheques payable to Mary Bucher.

Practitioners come from a variety of backgrounds and have a varying degree of knowledge of anatomy, physiology and disease processes. This proves difficult for teaching in a group setting so I now hold one to one training sessions.

I teach and work to a specific protocol for testing and treatment based on comparisons of the work of numerous doctors and practitioners before me.

Drawing on their experience, I use a framework which makes sense, which is clear, logical and prepares the patient for accurate testing and treatment.

The Hippocratic Oath states “First, do not harm.”

I can help you to be a safe and confident practitioner.

For further enquiries please contact me at my clinic.
Clinic Landline: 01653 690 226


“I learnt more from one days training with Mary than all the training I did prior to that” – S.B

“Everything fell into place and made so much sense” – P.D

“I was very confused before and I now know what to do and feel confident to do it” – C.S (after 2 days training)

"I trained with Mary for two days (plus a refresher visit on another day). She has impressive, in depth knowledge of the Rayocomp PS1000 and of bioregulatory medicine. Her approach is structured and practical, I learned a great deal and had many key questions answered. I don’t think anyone could have done a better job. Recommended!" - Otto

"I spent the weekend with Mary Bucher who proved to be an extremely patient and inspirational teacher as well as an excellent therapist. She has a vast knowledge and is also willing to share it. She showed me a logical way of using the PS1000 and I came away with a sense of excitement about my work that I had rather lost along the way. I cant wait to put it all into practice." -Cynthia

Details of Bioresonance Training

Practical application of the theory of bioresonance in clinical situations.

Testing and treatment Protocols.

Preliminary Training Stage One ((6 hours / Day one)

Introduction to the RAH and BaPS menus.

Basic testing protocols. Case taking skills.

Preparing the body for accurate testing.

Using the Rayotensor correctly.

Analysis and Vitalisation – reasons for blockages.

Esmog and Geopathic stress – methods for clearing

Assessing depth of disturbance and potential blocks in physiology of CNS, bone marrow, skin.

Equalising polarity.

Acid-base balance. Dehydration. Metabolic acidosis.

BAPS menu: Quick test of acupunture meridians.

Complete meridian testing. Interpreting results of testing.

Troublshooting blocks to clearing – using ATP programme and Chakras, Esmog ampoules and Equalising Polarity.

Testing and interpreting vitamins and minerals.

Testing and interpreting blood values.

Preliminary Training Stage Two (6 hours/Day two)

Making and using ampoules.

Principles of detoxification and order of elimination.

Removal of toxins and heavy metals.

Harmonising physiology.

Testing and clearing pathogens in minor acute conditions.

Principles of clearing viruses, bacteria, parasites (1st stage)

Allergy testing and desensitising.

Using harmonisation programmes.

Time management.

Clinical records and legal obligations.

Assessment of learning. Completion of exam criteria.

Award: Preliminary Training in Bioresonance Certificate

Subsequent Training and Practioner Development

Basic conditions

It is recommended that the student practioner should progressively study Anatomy and Physiology and Disease Processes to at least Level 3 or the equivalent of requirements for entry into medical school/nurse training.

The student must display knowledge of A & P and prove competent in clinical situations.

The student must provide:

  • investigative techniques to assess sympomatology
  • evidence of competence in preliminary clearing and testing protocols
  • evidence of competence in testing and treating minor conditions
  • planning of treatment and time management
  • accurate and legal recording and documentation of case notes

Bioresonace Practioner Level One

This award would be given after one year of regular training days carried out on,approximately, a monthly basis.

Training for each level will include studying each body system with regards to anatomy, physiology and common conditions relating to that system.

Also, common viruses, bacteria and parasites relating to that body system; clearing and harmonising.

Supportive homeopathic remedies for each condition will also be taught plus the use of flower essences, tissue salts, diet and nutrition and other whole-health support and management.

Although each body system will be studied as a whole, the inter-connectedness of the body systems will also be highlighted where applicable.

Training days would include shadowing and observed practical application of techniques for testing and clearing disturbances.

A system of continuous assessment and exam questions related to subjects covered.

By the end of the first year, the student should be able to demonstrate competence in accurate testing and clearing protocols, management of acute conditions such as chest infections, digestive upsets and other such minor ailments.

The student should keep a record of their independent clinical experience and provide evidence of case management.

Bioresonance Practitioner Level Two

This award would be given after two years clinical experience, continuous assessment and monitoring as in Level One.

Advanced Level Bioresonance Practitioner

This level of award would be given after three years of progressive knowledge and study and clinical experience of more complicated cases under supervision.

It would include shadowing, continuous assessment evidence of competence in handling a variety of clinical situations and conditions.

Diploma in Bioregulatory Medicine

This level is awarded to those who have:

  • Reached a high level of understanding of Anatomy, Physiology, Diseases and progression of pathology
  • Demonstrated an understanding of whole-health management including diet, nutrition and management of detoxification
  • Demonstrated an understanding of disease and treatment using the Rayonex PS1000, BAPS and Homeopathy
  • Demonstrated competence as a bioresonance practitioner
  • Demonstrated management skills and satisfactory legal requirements for patient records and clinical standards in practice.