Mary Bucher School of Homeopathy


Courses 2016

Training for Rayonex PS1000 Users and Practitioners

Daily rate for one-to-one training - £250

A £100 non-refundable deposit is required on booking.

Make cheques payable to Mary Bucher.

Practitioners come from a variety of backgrounds and have a varying degree of knowledge of anatomy, physiology and disease processes. This proves difficult for teaching in a group setting so I have decided this year to do one-to-one full day training sessions to help you get the best from your PS1000. In this way, I can assess your prior knowledge and experience and tailor-make the training to suit your individual needs.

It saddens me to hear stories from bewildered practitioners who are fumbling with their machines, not really understanding fundamental principles of accurate testing protocols. It also saddens me to meet and treat patients who have had bad experiences from inadequately qualified practitioners.

I teach and work to a specific protocol for testing and treatment based on comparisons of the work of numerous doctors and practitioners before me.

Drawing on their experience, I use a framework which makes sense, which is clear, logical and prepares the patient for accurate testing and treatment.

The Hippocratic Oath states “First, do not harm.”

I can help you to be a safe and confident practitioner.

For further enquiries please contact me at my clinic.
Clinic Landline: 01653 690 226


“I learnt more from one days training with Mary than all the training I did prior to that” – S.B

“Everything fell into place and made so much sense” – P.D

“I was very confused before and I now know what to do and feel confident to do it” – C.S (after 2 days training)

"I trained with Mary for two days (plus a refresher visit on another day). She has impressive, in depth knowledge of the Rayocomp PS1000 and of bioregulatory medicine. Her approach is structured and practical, I learned a great deal and had many key questions answered. I don’t think anyone could have done a better job. Recommended!" - Otto

"I spent the weekend with Mary Bucher who proved to be an extremely patient and inspirational teacher as well as an excellent therapist. She has a vast knowledge and is also willing to share it. She showed me a logical way of using the PS1000 and I came away with a sense of excitement about my work that I had rather lost along the way. I cant wait to put it all into practice." - Cynthia